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What are the operating procedures of the waste heat recovery equipment?

May 14, 2018

Waste heat recovery equipment in the operating procedures need to be aware of factors is more, click into institutions cloth button will be effective to enter into the cloth institutions operating interface, click the top left corner in total control switch to red, effective motor from fabric organization button to enter the mechanism operation interface, click the upper left out of the total control switch to red.

Waste heat recovery equipment need to press the reset button on the operation panel, the light on the equipment, equipment in the boot process of the indicator light will flash, press down boot lights, turn the chain, speed up lights flashing.

Waste heat recovery equipment in to click the circulation fan signal icon into the circulation fan power Settings window, click on the fan power to set the window, click the circulation fan total button pop-up circulation fan power set a small window, click on the white bottom digital box numeric keypad, enter the required power output value, according to the confirmation.

Waste heat recovery equipment need effective click on the upper left corner or the upper right corner of the exhauster signal icon, effective into the exhauster power setting window, motor confirm, manual control button and then click on the white digital box up small requirement for digital keyboard input and confirm it. If you click on the automatic control button and confirm it, the suction fan will automatically adjust the power of the fan.

Waste heat recovery equipment in operation if you click on the oven simulation ongoing icon shows the number of its temperature box, and enter the heating window, so click on heating in total to the set of heating temperature, can also be set respectively in the process of using medium heating temperature of oven.

The heating temperature of the waste heat recovery equipment is below 90 degrees. Click the small fire to make the icon to be heated. When the heating temperature is over 90 degrees, click on the fire signal icon to heat and confirm.http://www.haida-textile.com/