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What can the automatic fabric shrinking machine do?

Dec 25, 2017

In order to meet the user's requirement better and achieve the ideal preshrinking effect, different materials need to match different shrinking machines.But pure silk basically has no special shrinking machine to use, its drying and finishing use of blanket finishing machine, rely on big blanket of cladding effect to reduce drying tension.

Besides it can be used as the shrinking machine of pure silk, and the overfeeding device at the entrance of the high end stenter is also able to preshrunk the silk fabric.However, the preshrunk of cotton cloth is realized by using rubber blanket, not only to reduce tension and elongation, but also to preshrunk  function.

With the development of technology, automatic fabric shrinking machine has been developed.Its application can reduce the preshrunk of the fabric during the sewing process.On the one hand, the fabric can be cut smoothly to prevent the garment from being changed or distorted.On the other hand, through the processing of automatic fabric shrinking machine, the lining and face cloth can be closely combined.

The fabric is preshrunk, without the need to think about the fabric cutting, sewing, preshrunk after the whole ironing, convenient for production and raises the added value of products.

Automatic fabric shrinking machine not only has a wide use, but also not that simple of itself.It can be transported by adjustable mode, so that the fabric can be sent in a state of tension.The cloth is wetted by steam and relaxed both softened by the vibrator.The cloth is moved into the drying area after the vibration zone, so that the wet cloth can be dried at the optimum temperature.

The high temperature treatment fabric can be used to cool the fabric rapidly under the strong suction cooling system of the automatic fabric shrinking machine, and the temperature difference is used to achieve the finalizing effect.In particular, its special electric heating auxiliary device can be used to make up steam heating and adjust the temperature of the drying area arbitrarily.http://www.haida-textile.com/