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What is the difference between silk, cotton and web pre-shrinking machines?

Sep 21, 2018

Pre-shrinking treatment is an indispensable part of the fabric processing process. For fabrics with different characteristics, the corresponding pre-shrinking machine is also different. But silk basically has no special pre-shrinking machine. The drying and finishing of silk, the carpet finishing machine used, relies on the coating of the large blanket to reduce the drying tension. Of course, where the high-end tenter feeds the entrance, there is also an overfeeding device that also pre-shrinks the silk.


For cotton, its pre-shrinking is a rubber blanket pre-shrinking machine. Although the appearance looks similar to that of silk, the rubber blanket has a pre-shrinking function. Unlike the silk carpet machine, it only reduces tension and reduces elongation. Of course, the tensioning of the cotton cloth also has an overfeeding device, which can also reduce the tension and reduce the shrinkage.


There is also a type of web pre-shrinking machine, which is used to make the untreated fabric soft and to adjust the slope of the yarn, and to stabilize the original fabric size, which reduces the sewing process due to the sewing of the fabric. shrink. Preventing dimensional changes or variations in the resulting garments, eliminating the need to consider the problem of stretch and shrinkage of the fabric produced during manufacture.


After being processed by the webbing pre-shrinking machine, the fabric has a stable size, excellent hand feeling, and is not easily shrunk after being re-polished. This treatment optimizes the quality of the product and increases the added value. The mechanical-physical method is used to adjust the warp shrinkage of the fabric to eliminate the shrinkage of the fabric, while at the same time improving the feel and gloss of the fabric to some extent.http://www.haida-textile.com/