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What is the main configuration of the stenter?

Dec 07, 2018

The stenter setting machine is composed of several parts, wherein an inlet frame and a width limiter are arranged at the inlet portion, mainly for helping the cloth guide to unfold and correct the cloth, and the high and low position can be selected. The guide is also called a composite center corrector, which has the function of direct guide correction. The rolling mill is the sizing machine, which is mainly used for water pressure and sizing.


In the process of shaping and finishing, the speed compensating device can help the operator to control the tension between the sizing machine and the tenter setting machine. The weft or weft arc of the cloth can be corrected by the weft corrector. The central control panel of the setting machine concentrates all the electric adjustment functions above the entrance box, covering 95% of the operation functions of the whole machine.


During the operation of the stenter equipment, the monitor can be used with the camera in the cloth area to monitor the condition and quality of the cloth at any time. The edge spreader and the edge tracker are responsible for the unfolding and edge tracking function of the front edge of the upper needle. The web can be adjusted by the width adjustment mechanism during the setting.www.haida-textile.com