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What is the processing of the pre-shrinking machine

Jun 29, 2019

The pre-shrinking machine is machined to make the untreated fabric soft and to adjust the inclination of the yarn, and reduce the shrinkage caused by the sewing of the fabric during the sewing process according to the original cloth size. The pre-shrinking machine prevents dimensional changes or variations in the resulting garment, so that you can avoid the problem of stretching and shrinking the fabric produced during the manufacturing process before designing the garment.


After being processed by the pre-shrinking machine, the fabric is stable in size, feels very good, and is not easily shrunk after being re-polished. This treatment makes the quality of the product better and the added value is increased. The pre-shrinking machine pre-shrinks the shrinkage of the fabric in the textile printing and dyeing process, and the garment manufacturer uses the shrinking machine to pre-shrink the fabric or fabric required for the garment production, thereby increasing the phase and improving the softness.


The pre-shrinking machine has become a mechanical equipment for pre-shrinking various fabrics. There is a large demand for such equipment. The pre-shrinking machine is replaced by manual pre-shrinking finishing technology to the automatic pre-shrinking field. The current performance of mechatronics.www.haida-textile.com