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What is the role of the hot air pull frame?What are the main structures?

Aug 17, 2017

In the textile industry, we tend to use the drawing machine, so do you know what the purpose of using the device is?The hot wind pulsator is mainly composed of several major devices, each of which has a different function, so we can understand the contents of this aspect.

First question: what is the main structure and function of the hot air pull frame?

First of all, let us summarize the hot air stenter setting machine what's the main structure, its main device are: in and out cloth device, rolling device, hot air circulation system, cooling device, the weft insertion device, drying room, super feeding device, width adjustment device and wetted device, etc.The inlet and inlet cloth device is used for the cloth and the cloth, while the vehicle device is mainly the treatment of the fabric.

In addition, the main function of the hot air circulation system is to improve the thermal efficiency and efficiency of the equipment.The cooling device is used to cool the finished product and reduce the fabric crease.As for the overfeeding device, it is mainly to regulate the product's warp shrinkage, which can improve the feel of the fabric.The door - width adjusting device is helpful to promote the smooth and stable door.

Second question: what is the overall role of the hot air pull frame? 

The main purpose of this operation is to improve the surface quality of the fabric.In general, this operation can reduce the dyeing shrinkage, improve the uniformity of dyeing and make the fabric look more beautiful.

In addition, after treated with hot air stenter setting machine, fabric yarn strength and handle many aspects have been improved significantly, but also can eliminate static electricity, promoting the comprehensive quality of the product.