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What is the trend of thermo fixing machine development?

Dec 19, 2017

As you all know, after finishing the fabric, the surface of the fabric can be smoother and the quality of the fabric can be improved. That is to say, after finishing and setting up with the thermo fixing machine, not only the surface quality of the fabric is improved, but also the intrinsic quality of the fabric is improved, and its use value is improved.

At the same time, when using the thermo fixing machine, the damage of the fabric is very small, and it has good flexibility and reproducibility. Compared to other types of equipment, it can also save part of the cost. The so-called setting machine, in fact, is mainly to conduct the shaping of the fabric.

In the process of the thermo fixing machine, the staff need to control the main process parameters reasonably to ensure the quality of the processing. In general, it is necessary to select the suitable temperature conditions to heat the fabric, and after reaching a certain temperature for a period of time, the fabric structure will change, and achieve the purpose of shaping.

So, with the progress of technology, what kind of development trend will the thermo fixing machine show in the future? The combination of the current situation, mainly on the development trends of the equipment can be summarized as follows: develop in the direction of environmental protection, energy saving, time saving and high efficiency, short process.

Thus, the development of the thermo fixing machine in the future, in addition to further enhance the performance, will also pay more attention to new technologies such as waterless processing technology and low-temperature plasma treatment.

At the same time, another trend of the thermo fixing machine is automation technology. For example, in the control system, we can use more advanced programmable controller and industrial computer control, which can not only enhance the degree of automation of the thermo fixing machine, but also can make the setting process more stable, in order to further enhance the performance of fabric.http://www.haida-textile.com/