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What kind of fabric an be used for the steaming shrinking machine?

Oct 06, 2017

Although there are many kinds of shrinking machines, the steaming shrinking machine is often used in most garment factories.. This is a kind of fabric processing equipment which is designed according to the thermal contraction principle. So it can play the role of heat setting for the relevant fabrics.


In the process, the steaming shrinking machine adopts low temperature steaming to the wool fabric. After the wool fabric is steamed through the  low temperature steaming, the acting force between the various groups will be reduced, making the wool fiber have certain deformability. At the same time, the fabric will be free to release the internal stress in the state without tension, and after the cooling zone, it will quickly stabilize and complete the preshrink operation.


Moreover,  the treatment method of the steaming shrinking machine also can be used for the synthetic fiber with thermal contraction property. However, it uses the high temperature steaming on the synthetic fiber under the tentering condition. Of course, it can also obtain some preshrinking effect on other fabrics.

Compared with other methods, the working characteristics of the steaming shrinking machine is preshrinking under the condition of non - pressurized and non - tensile fabrics. The temperature stability and non - tension fabric transmission formed by the dry steam offer the potent guarantee for the steaming preshrinking effect.    


The steaming shrinking machine can be divided into two types. One is the continuous steaming shrinking machine. Before entering the steaming equipment, the fabric has been done the conditioning. However, the conditioning must be uniform, otherwise it will lead to the cloth cover out of flatness after preshrinking. The other one is hot-air forming shrinking machine. In the process, tentering is finished through the overfeeding and size enlarging equipment. Some machines also have the vibration tapping device, which can further help realize the preshrinking effect.

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