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Application Object Of Shrink Machine

Jun 19, 2017

Glass bottles, styrofoam, cartons, toys, electronics, electrical appliances, stationery, books, records, hardware tools, daily necessities, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, beverages, fruits, commemorative labels and other items packaging.

Shrink machine There are other uses, for example, the bottle cap shrink machine is mainly used in food-type wine, glass bottles, etc., medicine-type injection vial contraction, can effectively seal the bottle, to ensure product hygiene.

Automotive Products Shrink machine also applies to the hotel industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry and so on.

Structure and configuration

Shan using far infrared direct heating;

Shan equipment small size, short warm-up time, save electricity;

Shan electronic stepless variable temperature;

Shan shrinkage does not affect the quality of packaged goods and can shrink the packaging perfect;

Shan is suitable for the packaging of rules or irregular items, the structure is simple and easy to operate and easy to clean.