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Does Silk Fabric Need To Be Preshrunk Through The Preshrinking Machine?

Nov 14, 2017

As we all know, the silk fabric will shrink after washing, and this shrinkage is very serious, which is also the natural defect of the silk fabric. But the shrinkage of silk fabric is different. The shrinkage of the crepe satin plain and habotai is relatively small, so generally do not need the preshrinking machine. But pure silk crepe-back satin and silk georgette are different because of the large shrinkage.

Therefore, when purchasing the silk fabric, we need to determine whether to use the preshrinking machine for preshrinking treatment.according to the shrinkage of each fabric. And the preshrinking treatment of silk fabric can be done in two ways. One is to give the finished fabric back to the clothing factory, and the factory makes the silk fabric preshrinking treatment. 

In this case, usually the finish pressing steam will be used to spray and shrink the fabric. Or the preshrinking machine will be used to heat the steam to simulate the  finish pressing for the preshrinking of the silk fabric. There is also a fabric supplier in the silk fabric dyeing or printing, directly made silk fabric after PRESHRINKING treatment.

The two kinds of preshrinking methods for silk fabric have their own advantages and disadvantages. Doing preshrinking by the clothing factory is rest assured, and the operation is flexible. The disadvantage is that the fabric width and shrinkage are more difficult to control. Preshrunk fabrics mainly have different width and shrinking due to the machine's shrinkage, and the error is greater.

The fabric supplier can do preshrinking very well, because they have a professional large-sized preshrinking machine for preshrinking, which can preshrink completely according to the requirements of customers. Whether its shrinkage is 5 % or 10 %, horizontal or vertical shrinkage, it can ensure the tidy fabric after shrinkage, but the cost is large.

In terms of quality, of course, the latter is better. However, due to the limitations of the conditions, we recommend customers to go to the export or top grade. The supplier can do preshrinking very well. If the domestic sales price is the main, then you can do preshrinking on your own, which can reduce the cost.