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Domestic Printing And Dyeing Equipment Is Close To The International Level

Aug 10, 2019

Judging from the printing and dyeing equipment currently produced in China, many of the equipments have basically met the needs of domestic enterprises, and have improved in terms of process and quality. Such as pre-treatment equipment, most of the de-cooking and bleaching combined machine uses multi-unit stream variable frequency sub-source synchronous transmission, PLC programmable control, touch screen man-machine interface operation, the elastic frame is all pneumatically controlled, the tension is adjustable, the unit frame The width has been expanded to 2800-3400mm, and the energy-saving and water-saving unit is adopted. There are also a number of companies that have developed straight-roller mercerizing machines. Among them, the soft-expansion full-straight roller mercerizing machine of Xianyang Textile Machinery Factory is outstanding, which is an innovative achievement.

In the dyeing equipment, the domestic airflow dyeing machine has reached the advantages of similar foreign equipment, energy saving, water saving, small melting ratio, saving dyeing and chemical materials, and developing towards high efficiency and low energy consumption. The HY618 high temperature and high pressure jig dyeing machine produced by Wuxi Hongyuan Group adopts advanced PLC and data communication technology to realize complete control and dyeing management of the production process computer. It has a unique constant tension control system, which is suitable for the drying and drying of flat fabrics. Dyeing and washing. The new hot air primer hot melt machine produced by Jiangdu Printing and Dyeing Machinery Co., Ltd. has improved the design of the 74 type hot melt machine. The synchronization performance between the unit machines is good, the circulating hot air is even, the temperature difference of the box is small, and the left and right color difference is reached. Grade 4.5, producing high-density high-density poplin, no wrinkles, stable operation, the company's self-designed automatic torque adjustment device, using pneumatic control, automatic control of the rotational torque of the guide roller, so that the warp tension of the fabric It can automatically control and achieve constant tension and smooth operation. The design and manufacturing level of the semi-contact melting machine for human thermal guide rollers of Huangshi Textile Factory has reached the advanced level in foreign countries.