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Equipment Innovation In Dyeing And Finishing Industry

Feb 28, 2020

The dyeing and finishing process is the key to the deep processing, finishing and increasing value of textiles. Equipment is the precondition.Chinese proverb:“a handy tool makes a handyman.”Relying on innovative to improve tools, the dyeing and finishing equipment will step up from the phase of equipment manufacturing to Equipment innovation.
Dyeing and finishing production requirements to improve the first-time success rate of product processing, in line with "Access Conditions for Printing and Dyeing Industry";Founding a resource-saving enterprise and implement production environment friendly. The market needs to determine the resource allocation for technological innovation.Which determines the speed, scale and direction of innovation. Equipment innovation achieves market value based on new technological achievements.
Innovation is the fundamental way for science and technology to improve. Innovation can overcome "follow" and "repetition Manufacturing "; Innovation can have independent intellectual property rights; Innovation can enhance the competitiveness of the dyeing and finishing industry;
Innovation can achieve market value.