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Four-sided Sealed

Jun 19, 2017

Wrap the product around a flat film or tubular membrane, and the seams are sealed with lap joints. Used to seal the packaging of the product.

(1) with folded film can be used L-type sealing method, using reel folding film, the film will be pulled out of a certain length in the horizontal position, with mechanical or manual opening end open, push the product to the fold joint.

(2) Use of Dan Changping membrane can be pillow-shaped bag packaging. This method is to use the Dan Changping membrane, First seal longitudinal seam into a tube, push the product into it, then the sealing transverse seam cut into pillow-type packaging, or the two ends of the punch into a barrel-type packaging.

(3) with double Zhang Ping film four-sided sealed packaging and two sides open similar, only on the machine equipped with both sides sealing device can be completed.

(4) Wrapping with cylindrical membrane, it is necessary to seal and puncture the hole at the same time that the tubular membrane is cut off, then heat shrinkage. At the end of the sealer there are often needles, hot seal when the needle on the film to puncture the vent, after the heat shrinkage small pores are often closed.