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Haida Stenter Shown In Exhibition Of The 19th International Exhibiton On Textile Industry

May 09, 2020

Haida exhibited new stenter generation-HDMA19 in Shanghai Tex2019, It's more suitable for production

of all kind of sanded fabric or pile fabric, easily to be cleaned completely inside the chambers. the air distribution system has been modified. the old TWIN-Stream system,separate air flow for the upper and lower nozzles has been further  developed to the TWIN-Stream Y. the hot air is guided in ducts directly to the circulation fans,thus further reducing the heat radiation and reching process conditions within a few minutes. the design of mechanical items and sealings of the installation have been modified to further reduce leakage of heat. the Haida stenter can be equipped with an online control system.

important parameters like width of the fabric,weight of the fabric,humidity,residual moisture or whatever the customer regards as been 

important for his quality control can be automatically recorded and adjusted in case an off-limit occurs. 

Thank you so much for customer's reliance that signed contracts on site.