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High-temperature Flue Gas Waste Heat Recovery Technology Makes The Sky Bluer

Aug 13, 2019

It is not easy to recover the waste heat of industrial high-temperature industrial flue gas. "High temperature industrial flue gas temperature is as high as 800 °C - 1200 °C, with complex composition, high dust content, strong corrosiveness, large changes in working conditions, etc." Dean of School of Energy and Power Engineering, Chongqing University, low-grade energy utilization technology and Professor Liao Qiang, director of the key laboratory of the Ministry of Education and project leader, said that there are non-condensing and easy-coagulation components in these flue gases, which make the flue gas waste heat recovery and purification device have filter plugging, difficulty in regeneration, and heat exchange area gray. Bottlenecks such as wear, corrosion, and waste heat recovery and purification efficiency are a technical problem at home and abroad.

To this end, the "industrial dust-containing waste heat recovery technology" project team carried out scientific research on this. The project has designed and built the world's first comprehensive test platform for high-temperature and high-dust flue gas purification and heat exchange integration. The results of the pilot test show that the device can achieve a residual heat recovery rate of more than 70% and a purification efficiency of over 99%.

At present, the project has applied for 32 patents and 2 international patents. The project team has cooperated with 11 companies including Chongqing Shangshun Heat Exchange Equipment Co., Ltd. and Shantou Bobo Petrochemical. The related technologies have been in the Esquel Self-supplied Power Plant. Tang Guizhou Hair Development Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Songzao Power Co., Ltd. were put into use.