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Jun 19, 2017

Stereotypes machine exhaust gas contains a large number of fibers, oil, in the heat exchange process is very easy to adhere to the surface of the heat pipe, seriously affect the heat transfer effect, if not in time to clean up, will cause smoke blockage, so that the stereotypes machine can not work properly. The heat recovery equipment of stereotypes machine running in the waste heat recovery market of the shaping machine the heat pipe and the heat exchanger shell and the middle spacer plate are welded into a whole can not be disassembled, when the heat pipe in the equipment failure or oil jam can not be replaced and cleaned. The design of the waste heat recovery equipment of LQD series stereotypes machine is designed according to the above-mentioned defects. When the waste heat recovery equipment operation process of the heat pipe surface adhesion fiber, oil and the impact of heat transfer, the heat exchanger can be opened in time to clean the door, a root of the heat pipe to remove the cleaning, the real realization of light, safe, fast and thorough cleaning and maintenance. thus ensuring the heat transfer effect of the waste heat recovery equipment and prolonging its service life.