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Shrink Machine Features

Jun 19, 2017

The shrinkage process, does not affect the quality of packaging, but can shrink quickly perfect, packaged products can be sealed, moisture-proof, anti-collision, applicable to a number of items tight packaging and pallet packaging.

1, absorbing the foreign advanced technology, and combined with the domestic status quo, with a unique creative, all kinds of packaging products automatic collection, finishing, laminated, film heat shrinkage, so as to overcome the domestic similar machine easily jitter brought about by the stacking instability, easy card machine, small and thin size small box products do not adapt to the shortage, widening the scope of the machine in the field of packaging and capacity.

2, a large number of well-known international companies supporting parts. All the electrical components of the whole machine used Omron, Norgen and other world famous brand components, equipment running stable and reliable, in the relevant industries to obtain customers.

3, can be independently run to complete the small box packaging, can also be connected with the front-end box machine, in the back end and the packing machine, no need to add special mechanical devices.

4, the packaging products, the appearance of smooth and tidy, wrapped tight, weld firmly, better than the market on other packaging machine packaging quality.