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Shrink Machine Process

Jun 19, 2017

1. Set the heating time of the machine first

2, press the manual or automatic button, rack cylinder solenoid valve electric output to promote the gear, gear drive chain, at this time the rack cylinder near the switch disconnect. When the rack cylinder runs to the upper stop point, the front position of the rack cylinder is close to the switch conduction, the oven cylinder solenoid valve is electrically output.

3, the oven cylinder runs to the top stop point, the timer starts to start the delay, the rack cylinder solenoid valve power off.

4, the timer end, the oven cylinder solenoid valve power off.

5, according to the mode of work mark bit, decide whether to continue the next workflow.

Heat Shrink Packaging Machine is the market more advanced packaging methods, the use of shrink film wrapped in products or packaging parts outside, after heating shrink film wrapped tight products or packaging, fully display the appearance of goods, improve product sales, increase aesthetic and sense of value. At the same time the packaging of goods can be sealed, moisture-proof, anti-pollution, and protection of goods from the external impact, with a certain degree of buffering, especially when the packaging fragile products, can prevent the dispersal of containers when broken. In addition, the possibility of the product being dismantled and stolen may be reduced.