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The Function Of The Ribbon Weaving Preshrinking Machine And Its Treatment Of The Fabric

Nov 06, 2017

Before further processing, the fabric usually needs to be preprocessed through the ribbon weaving preshrinking machine, so that the potential shrinkage of the fabric can be eliminated, in order to prevent the size of the fabric changing greatly. This involves the role of the ribbon weaving preshrinking machine, and by the way how the equipment is processed?

The function of the ribbon weaving preshrinking machine is reflected in many aspects. First it can make the undealt fabric soft. At the same time, the ribbon weaving preshrinking machine can prevent the clothing from being changed in the size and model.

After the treatment of the ribbon weaving preshrinking machine, the fabric size is stable and good in feeling. It is not easy to shrink after ironing again. This treatment makes the quality of the product achieve the best effect and add value. Through this special equipment, the shrinkage of the fabric is eliminated, and the feel and luster of the fabric are improved to a certain extent. 

The tension of the fabric in the dyeing and finishing process, the radial buckling of the high will be reduced, and thus will appear elongation phenomenon. When the hydrophilic fiber fabric is soaking wet, the fiber will swell, and the diameter of the warp and weft increases, so that the warp buckling can increase, the length of the fabric is shortened and the fabric is shrunk.

In order to avoid the above two phenomena, it is necessary to use the ribbon weaving preshrinking machine to spray the fabric steam or spray to wet, and then to be subjected by the mechanical extrusion, and then by pine drying. After preshrinking, the shrinkage rate of cotton fabric is reduced obviously, and the softness of the fabric feel will be improved due to the extrusion and rubbing of the fibers and yarns.