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The Installation Requirements And The Attentions Of The Stenter

Nov 23, 2017

As a user, we must be careful to select the appropriate location when we are installing a stenter.Normally, it is best to place it in an environment that is ventilated and free of any corrosive gases.The selected installation site shall be flat and dry, and the concrete thickness of the foundation shall be at least 150 mm.

During the installation and commissioning of the stenter, the position of the needle plate on both sides should be aligned and symmetrical, and no position deviation should be allowed.In addition, the site should not have debris accumulation, no more debris obstructing the normal operation of the chain.Also pay attention to the parallelism between the driving roller, the guide roller and the falling roller to ensure the work requirement of the equipment.

In addition to these requirements, the temperature conditions and pressure conditions of the working site of the stenter are also considered.Normally, it is important to note the temperature requirements, humidity requirements and elevation requirements of the electric control box.Also note that the appropriate power supply voltage is provided and the operation is performed in the correct order.

In particular, it is important to check the surrounding environment before starting to pull on the stenter, to ensure that there is no personnel to stay around the equipment, and no maintenance personnel is allowed to work.Also check and ensure that the temperature of the electric control box is within the specified range.Notice that when the temperature control program is started, the circulation fan should be opened first, then the exhaust fan will be opened.

In the actual processing of the fabric, the staff should combine the specific situation of the fabric, and rationally adjust the opening of the air door of each section of the dryer.Remember, after entering the fabric, the staff must not open the thermal insulation door to adjust the opening of the ventilation door.