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The Knowledge Of Chain Track

Mar 09, 2020

The stenter setting machine adopts a chain device during the conveying process of the cloth. During the hot air setting, the transmission chain will be thermally expanded and shaped.

The longer of the machine, the longer the length of the transmission chain, and the greater the cumulative value of the thermal elongation of the transmission chain: 

conversely, when the stenter setting machine stops the temperature of the setting machine drops to normal temperature, and the transmission chain shrinks. 

In order to solve the problem of thermal expansion and contraction of the transmission chain, it is usually necessary to set the tenter shape.

The machine is equipped with a chain transmission tension adjustment mechanism. Springs are used in the chain transmission tension adjustment mechanism in present process.

It is difficult to reach the extended length of the chain, resulting in unstable chain transmission and unstable tension. In addition, due to the temperature drop of the setting machine during shutdown

to normal temperature, the tension of the spring needs to be adjusted to protect the service life of the chain drive, but the adjustment is more inconvenient . 

To this end, designed a chain drive tension adjustment mechanism for a stenter setting machine, which includes a sprocket, a sliding seat and a tension adjuster.

The rotary hinge is fixed on the sliding seat, and the sliding seat is connected with the tension adjuster. The tension adjuster uses an air cylinder or an oil cylinder as an actuator, so that

the chain keeps constant tension during operation.