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The Workflow And Main Characteristics Of The Stenter

Dec 05, 2017

In the later period of the fabric, it can't do without the stenter.The equipment can be used for the drawing and heat setting of various kinds of fabrics such as cotton fabrics, chemical fiber fabrics, blends and other interwoven fabrics.After the stenter has been processed , the fabric appearance level and looks better.

The work flow of the stenter can be summarized as follows:First full width cloth feeding, and infrared centring, The next sequence is electric weft-finishing , two-high padder, pinned on the chains, overfeeding, mechanical weft-finishing , thread spreading ,three-finger selvedge uncurler, infrared rack delineation, cylinder active brush, back stitch, PLC programmable control, stenter heat setting oven, then the cooling treatment, finally is falling cloth to the cloth swing trunk.

Let's take a look at a typical example of a stenter to introduce its main components.The fabric feeding frame is formed by the 4 mm steel plate. If the photoelectric abb finishing is needed, then you can choose to set up the insertion fabric feeding frame of the photoelectric abb finishing position.Double roll weft straightening is adopts electric control, in the actual production, if you find problems deflection of the fabric, you can adjust electric control button, usually can adjust the plus or minus 10 to 20 cm of rectilinear skew.

The upper and lower overfeeding of the stenter is driven by synchronous motor and controlled by frequency conversion.Therefore, users can make flexible Settings on the computer touch screen.The effect of thread spreading is to make the fabric effectively spread and ready for subsequent treatment.

During the operation of the stenter, if it is needed to adjust width , the adjustment can be made from the three units of the cloth feeding , the middle segment and the draw-out .All three units are powered by electric regulation, and shown in numbers. They can adjust width both interconnected and monotonous.http://www.haida-textile.com/