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Waste Heat Recovery Of Shaping Machine

The waste heat recovery of the shaping machine is one of the main energy dissipation equipments in the textile dyeing and finishing industry. A device that uses hot air to dry and organize and shape fabrics.

Thermal energy Analysis

There are many ways to supply hot air, which can be used to burn gas or light diesel oil directly in the setting machine, or it can be heated by circulating heat-conducting oil or steam, or by electric heating.

General Hot setting machine oven working temperature chemical fiber class is about 200 Shan, the exhaust gas temperature is about 160 Shan, cotton fabric is 140 Shan about, the exhaust temperature 100 Shan about. Single shaping machine energy consumption of 601 million kcal, the estimated, fabric processing and stereotypes consumed only 29% of the heat, the body heat loss accounted for about 10%, the rest of a large amount of heat (more than 60%) with the exhaust gas into the atmosphere. Heat dissipation not only wastes energy but also causes environmental pollution, and the recovery of heat-setting machine is imperative.