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What Are The Unique And Superior Functions Of Medium-sized Cloth Shrinking Machine?

Nov 28, 2017

This kind of medium-sized cloth shrinking machine which has the special preshrunk mode and shrinking effect, can make the cloth achieve more ideal shaping effect.For example, it USES pure steam direct spray.It is obviously better than the steam dispersion model to get the steam directly into the fabric and make the fabric fully in contact with the steam.

And the medium-sized cloth shrinking machine uses pressure basin to keep the steam stable temperature and humidity.The temperature of the steam can be flexibly set and adjusted according to the actual situation for sure, to achieve the better shrinking effect of fabric, and to some extent reduce the use of steam power.

Since the medium-sized cloth shrinking machine has a steam - draining device, it can effectively remove the steam outside and prevent the indoor steam. The cloth was wet and slack by steam, steam evenly flow out from steam basin , and soften the cloth to form .

In the process of actual operation, we could adjust the working speed of the medium-sized cloth shrinking machine according to the preshrunk of fabric, which can help improve its working efficiency.All parts of such shrinking machines are made of stainless steel materials, which can effectively prevent rust, make the temperature even more uniform, and get better effect of fabric shape.

In addition, the medium-sized cloth shrinking machine is equipped with a code, which can accurately measure the length of the fabric and the effect of air blast cooling.If the fabric needs to be adjusted, there are also folding rocker arms to facilitate the placement of the fabric.