Mighty Tubular Compactor Pre-Shrinking Machine

High-duty rubber belt shrinking unit for the compressive shrinking of various kinds fo materials, running in combination with a felt drying calander for a smooth drying and improvement of the hand feeling.

Product Details
The performance of denim shrinking machine quote, knit stenter, stenter for clothing has reached the advanced level of similar products at home and abroad. Based on the current situation, we accurately grasp the new changes and new characteristics of the internal and external environment of the enterprise. In the context of globalization, in the face of fierce market competition, it is necessary to improve the quality of employees.

预缩机2_副本Major technical parameter:

Machine hand: left/right hand
Roller width(W):1800mm-3400mm
Machine speed: 8-80m/min
Heating source: Steam
Shrinking capability: -18%
Installed power: 35KW
Drive technology: AC inverter synchro

Features of Machine:

  1. All drives with AC motor frequency controlled,thus permanent speed control and uniform shrinkage.

  2. Constant fabric tension during stop and restart.

  3.  Machine can be equipped with a combination of steam box,rotor sprayer and steaming cylinder.

  4.  High duty rubber belt shrinking device with 67mm rubber belt. 

One of type process:


Product Application

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