Shrinking Machine for Denim Fabric with Compressing of Textiles

Shrinking Machine for Denim Fabric with Compressing of Textiles
Product Details

Shrinking machine for denim fabric




The rubber shrinking system is widely used for shrinking various woven fabrics of pure cotton, polyester-cotton, corduroy, damask, color woven cloth.It improves the feel,the look and the dimension stability.Latter is very important to reduce the shrinkage of the garment after washing.

The rubber belt shrinking is the last value-added process in the textile dyeing and finishing sequence,


Technical features

*Max working width 3.2m

*As option with pin or clip chain stenter section in front of the rubber belt unit.

*High Preshrinking ability(up to 18%)

*electrical adjustment of pressure and release of the rubber belt.

*Advanced technique(A.C. Inverter、PLC control、each working unit equipped with AC drive frequency controlled permanent fabric tension control,constant tension after stop and restart)

*Permanent process control by online shrinkage and temperature measurement

*Touch screen monitor for easy dajustment of all precess parameters

*High safety standard of the machine by photocell control


Process flow

Infeed in open width→steam dampening(penetrating)→3-bowl rubber blanket pre-shrinking→felt blanket finishing


Spray wetting unit

*The spray is composed of damping chest to keep damping fabric even.

*The imported fan-shaped nozzle can be adjusted the spraying angle on fabric.

*Can be equipped with humdidity inspection device to master fabric moisture.


High-weight Rubber blanket shrinking unit

*This unit bears ability with more than 20 tons,which guarantees high pre-shrinkage.

*Dynamoelectric tightening and lifting blanket can lighten labor intensity.

*E-stop device guarantees rubber felt not to damage because of stopping a long time.

*Nip roller of stainless steel with high load,whose surface is polished,guarantees not to damage fabric.

*Special flywheel design has compensated the inertia moment difference between φ616mm support roller and φ2000mm cylinder to keep both synchronously on starting,speed rising,speed lowering and stop.

*The vertical spiral bevel gear transmission design is more effectively to save covering the floor.

*Can be equipped with temperature auto-monitor device,which automatically examines and controls the surface temperature of nip roller.


Felt finishing unit.

*Felt finishing drying cylinder of φ2000mm with high ability to dry and set.

*After refining and grinding with milling tool,the precision of roughness degree on surface of the large cylinder is very high,not only ironing the fabric very smooth but also keeping with the peculiar line style of fabric self.

*Pneumatically tensioning felt with proprt pressure.

*Rectifying a deviation uses the imported photocell to detect edge and pneumatically correct deviation with rapid movement accurate rectification.