Stenter Model with External Exhaust Duct for Ployster and Carpet

Stenter Model with External Exhaust Duct for Ployster and Carpet
Product Details

Standard lay-out



-all kinds of woven and knitted fabrics

-technical fabrics

-non woven materials




-coating,laminating(special accessories needed)

-dyeing((special accessories needed)


Technical layout:

-up to 12 chambers of 3m length

-up to 6m working width

-suitable for oil-heating,steam heating,electrical heating,gas heating and indirect gas heating.

-fabric transport chain in horizontal execution as pin chain,clip chain or pin&clip version.

-traditional electric controls or PLC control, all drives AC with frequency control.


Advantages&technical dates:

*Highest drying performance and process control matching any type of fabric due to the technically mature and patented Twin-stream air circulation system

*Very homogeneous air flow and temperature distribution due to alternately arranged thermo zones (every 3m).

*Very low specific energy consumption

*Extremely robust chains, chain rails, pin bar carriers and clips, needing only little maintenance

*Exactly reproducible finishing results because of a complete automation and recipe administration in the line


Some parts of technical details:

*Fabric infeed combinations


Fabric infeed


Pin operation for woven fabric   


 Pin operation for knitted fabric 


Clip operation for woven fabric

*depending on the auxiliary equipment like selvedge gumming,selvedge drying,the infeed track length may be between 3-6m

*overfeed pinning adjustment -10%-+40%            

*separate adjustment for the right and left selvedge tension control.