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The running machine and its components for Stenter.

By this video,customer can realize the operation of Haida stenter machine(heat setting machine) and its functional parts, such as Inlet, Chain track, Pin,Clip, outlet, heat recovery device,etc.

Haida Textile Machinery Factory scale
Nowadays Haida has a 5000㎡ manufacturing facility and staff of more than 130people including 45engineers and technicians.
Factory located in Wuxi, Jiangsu provine, China. it is equipped with state of the art machine tools for the processing of metals,f.e. LVD(Belgium),AMADA(Japan),Panasonic(Japan).
Its high performance quality to grantee precision of all processing conponents of stenter.www.haida-textile.com

Company profile of Haida Textile Machinery
HAIDA has been specializing in the production of tailor-made stenter machine since1980 with its profession and dedication.
Haida has own brand and innovative research team and professional skilled produciton team. You and your team are welcome to visit our factory.

Technology of Economical type of Stenter, suitable for variety of fabrics
Haida textile machine are working in 14 countries in the world. Haida received 148 patents both in domestics and oversea;and 20 patents for invention and 4 for PCT patents.

Promoting economical Stenter with low energy consumption